Being charged with theft can be a stressful and humiliating experience. It’s a broad offense, covering anything from passing a bad check to shoplifting, theft of services, or complex white-collar fraud. Conviction can have far-reaching consequences including hefty fines and jail time, not to mention damage to a person’s reputation. Having a conviction on record can also create barriers to finding employment and providing for one’s family.

At the Neal Davis Law Firm, we understand how difficult this experience is. We are experts at resolving cases involving all kinds of theft. We manage investigations discreetly, determine the best defense strategy, and obtain favorable results for our clients.

Our record of dismissals in these kinds of cases is extensive. Here are some of our successes:

  • CASE DISMISSED for a supervisor charged with stealing several thousand dollars’ worth of steel containers
  • CASE DISMISSED for a fundraiser charged with stealing several thousand dollars
  • CASE DISMISSED for a woman charged with stealing jewelry from her boyfriend
  • CASE DISMISSED for a stay-at-home mother charged with shoplifting
  • CASE DISMISSED for a professional couple charged with shoplifting

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