Expunctions and Non-disclosures

Imagine you were accused of a crime and your case was dismissed outright due to lack of evidence. Even though the case was dismissed, anyone doing a background check will see that you were arrested and charged with a crime. You were never convicted, but in the eyes of employers or others you may not really have a "clean" legal record.

Expunging your record is a straightforward way to clear your past of criminal charges that you were never convicted of. Many times, people accused of crimes are good, honest folks caught in a bad situation. Most are unaware they have a legal skeleton in their closet until they try to get a medical license, commercial driver's license, or a job that requires stringent background checks. Expunging your record means that allegations you were charged with won't damage your reputation or inhibit your ability to earn a living.

Texas offers two methods to remove or seal information in your record. Expunction removes the information completely - the record of the charge is deleted and destroyed. Non-disclosure seals the record so that only government agencies and law enforcement can see it. Each method has its own eligibility requirements. People who don't quality for a full expunction may still be able to obtain a non-disclosure order.

It's important to hire a lawyer to handle these requests, rather than use a third party that is not a lawyer. Non-practicing third parties can't file pleadings with a court, appear in court for you, or render other legal services. They may even pose a risk of identity theft, since you must provide extensive identifying information to complete the request.

The Neal Davis Law Firm has handled hundreds of petitions for expunction and non-disclosure over the years. Contact us to see if you qualify.

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