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My charges were dismissed and my professional license is intact
DWI  |  Houston
Client's DWI Case dismissed during trial
"I am a professional who hired Neal in connection with criminal charges that were brought against me. Because ..."
J.G. (case expunged), Verified Customer
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I recommend Neal Davis for criminal defense
Assault  |  Houston
Client needed legal assitance and representation in a driving while intoxicated case
"Mr. Davis was referred to me by someone who has often seen Mr. Davis at work. From the ..."
J.G. (case expunged), Verified Customer
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He focused on listening and helping, not just explaining his fees
Sex Crimes  |  Houston
Client needed representation for a child sex abuse case that was complex and needed an attorney who understood the full extent of the law.
"Neal represented our son and the case against him was dismissed, while other attorneys we consulted primarily focused ..."
Father of Juvenile Client I.Z., Verified Customer