What to Do When Facing False Accusations of a Sexual Crime

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What to Do When Facing False Accusations of a Sexual Crime

Have you been subjected to false sexual claims or allegations? If so, you should know this is a serious legal matter, even if those claims are utterly false.

Without proper legal representation, persons facing false sex assault claims can find themselves spending up to two years in jail or up to 99 years in prison as well as paying fines of $10,000. If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime, contact the Neal Davis Law Firm immediately for a confidential legal review of your case.

False Sex Claims Are Surprisingly Common

In today’s society, false claims of sex assault and other crimes are common, especially when they involve child sexual abuse or what truly amounted to consensual sex.

For instance, a date or a partner may have been confused or angry and lashed out with a false claim. Or perhaps an ex-spouse or an ex-partner isn’t being truthful. Or an overly protective adult may have influenced a child’s understanding of an event and exploited the child’s overactive imagination or fantasizing.

Often, the person making the false claim is someone who is close to the defendant – perhaps a parent, spouse or other family member, or a disgruntled employee – who is unhappy with them. Such persons may make false claims of sexual assault, rape or child sexual abuse as a way to lash out at the defendant due to anger, revenge or even greed for a monetary award.

When the person making a false sexual claim has such a motive, a knowledgeable sex crime defense lawyer, such as Houston attorney Neal Davis, can investigate, expose and challenge their false claim.

False Accusations Are Damaging

Even if found to be false in a legal proceeding, false sexual accusations can be damaging to the innocent defendant. Society behaves harshly toward those perceived to be guilty of sexual misconduct. False claims can badly tarnish an individual’s reputation, standing in the community and even their job status.

It’s true: A false claim of rape, sexual assault or child molestation can ruin a defendant’s life - even if such a claim is determined later to be unfounded.

Worse, in court a jury may want to “err on the side of caution” when finding an innocent defendant guilty after false claims of rape or other serious sex crimes.

false sex crime allegations

With a rape charge, unlike a charge for murder, jurors may have little or no physical proof that the event happened – or didn’t happen – but may still see guilt where there is none for emotional reasons.

If a defendant is convicted despite false sex claims and accusations, that person can face years of prison time, substantial fines and the difficulties associated with having to register as a sex offender.

Because of this, it is vital to confront false sex claims by hiring a defense lawyer to fight for your legal rights and keep such lies or misleading information from ruining your life.

Fortunately, while it is easy to make false accusations, such lies can be difficult to prove by prosecutors, especially if the defendant has an experienced and skilled false accusations lawyer such as Neal Davis. Neal Davis knows how to work to prove your innocence in court beyond a reasonable doubt.

Examples of False Sex Accusations

There are many kinds of people who make false sexual accusations. They include:

  • Children who want attention
  • Children who are coerced into believing a false claim
  • Adults who want revenge against the defendant
  • Teens who have anger issues toward their parents
  • Estranged spouses who use false sex assault claims for legal leverage in a divorce or child custody fight
  • Employees or coworkers who make false claims to hurt the accused or enhance their own standing
  • Ex-spouses seeking more spousal or child support money who make false claims to gain legal leverage

Texas Sex Crime Laws & Defenses

In Texas, sex crime laws are severe. From soliciting prostitution to sex abuse of a child to possession of child porn, penalties can be severe, involving extensive prison time and hefty fines. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need an experienced defense lawyer to argue your case.

A common sex crime defense is that the defendant lacked intent to commit a sexual assault and the sex was consensual. Or, many other circumstances may enable your defense lawyer to establish your innocence.

An aggressive sex crime defense attorney may even reach the point of turning the tables and taking legal action against your false accuser.

Whatever the case, it is very important that you:

  • Do not confront your accuser, neither directly nor indirectly.
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorney. By “opening a can of worms” you can inadvertently spark rumors and uproars.
  • Do not speak to police without your attorney present. Police may cajole you to confess or admit things which can be used against you in court.

Have you been falsely accused of a sex crime in Texas? Reach out to Neal Davis for help, starting with a legal review of your case. Contact us today so we can immediately get started defending you against false sexual claims or accusations.

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