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White Collar Crimes

Being charged with a white-collar crime can be incredibly damaging. People accused in these cases are often in positions of power and influence in their company or community. When charges become public, the media latch on and sensationalize the cases. Organizations involved in or touched by white-collar crime can also suffer due to negative publicity, affecting everyone’s lives and livelihoods. Conviction in a white-collar case can mean not only the destruction of reputation and professional credibility, but also loss of property and assets and even prison time.

White-collar cases require skill and specialized knowledge. An attorney needs to be familiar with the unique State and federal policies governing different types of fraud and have the expertise to calculate losses accurately. Few criminal defense attorneys have the skills needed to successfully defend people in serious white-collar cases.

At the Neal Davis Law Firm, we regularly defend people accused of white-collar crimes. Neal Davis has been recognized as a “Best Lawyer in America in White Collar Crime” because of his record of success in handling such cases. We have successfully defended clients facing all types of charges, ranging from investment schemes to government fraud and intellectual property theft. Many times our defense strategies have prevented charges from being filed, or have succeeded in getting the charges greatly reduced, protecting the client from having to forfeit money or property.

Here are a few of our success stories:

  • CHARGES DECLINED in a federal investigation of a pharmaceutical company for fraudulent labeling
  • CHARGES DECLINED in a federal investigation of a couple for off-shore tax fraud
  • CHARGES DECLINED in a federal investigation of an oil equipment manufacturer for intellectual property theft
  • CHARGES DECLINED in a federal investigation of a home healthcare administrator for healthcare fraud
  • CASE DISMISSED in a federal case against a CPA charged with running a large-scale tax fraud operation
  • CASE DISMISSED shortly before trial in a federal case against a school administrator charged with government fraud
  • CASE DISMISSED following a hung jury (majority for acquittal) in a State case against a businessman charged with securities fraud

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