Houston Defense Attorney Neal Davis Interviewed by Premier Online Legal Website

Enjuris, a leading directory for lawyers and resource for individuals seeking legal advice, recently met with Neal Davis to discuss humanities, civil and criminal law, and why he loves going to trial

HOUSTON, May 04, 2017 -- "I wanted to help people," replied Houston criminal defense attorney Neal Davis in a recent interview when asked why he wanted to become a lawyer.

"I always admired lawyers who stood up to power, whether they were criminal defense attorneys or plaintiff's lawyers. I always rooted for the underdog."

Davis, a highly regarded attorney and long-time defender of his clients' rights in high-profile cases in Texas and nationwide, was approached by the online legal directory service Enjuris to be featured in their blog.

Houston criminal defense lawyer, Neal Davis

Davis told the Enjuris reporter he believes every young lawyer should seek a mentor, which is why he spent the beginning of his career with legendary Texas trial attorney Dick DeGuerin. There he represented individuals and corporations under criminal investigation or prosecution, as well as regulatory enforcement actions and select civil matters.

When questioned about why he decided to open his own law firm, Davis replied: "It was time to move on. At some point, you have to get out from under the shade of a great tree, and [Dick] understood that, too. He's a great and generous man."

Since then, Davis has built a name for himself by handling thousands of cases across the state of Texas and nationwide, including making history in a U.S. Supreme Court case (Salinas v. Texas).

In addition to criminal law, Davis has also established a reputation as a skilled personal injury attorney in Texas, helping obtain compensation for his clients when it is the only remedy available.

As Davis told Enjuris: "People think that personal injury lawyers ‘wear pinky rings, that they fly around in personal jets, just out to make money, file frivolous lawsuits—things of that nature.' To Davis, nothing could be further from the truth."

You can read the entire interview here

About Neal Davis

Neal Davis is a board-certified Texas lawyer and founder of the Neal Davis Law Firm. He focuses on both criminal defense and personal injury law. With over 20 years of experience, including working with legendary criminal defense lawyer Dick DeGuerin, Neal has handled thousands of cases from child sex offenses, drug charges and white collar crimes, to car accidents and offshore oil rig explosions. Based in Houston, Neal takes cases from Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County and throughout Southeast Texas. To discuss your case with an experienced attorney, contact Neal Davis to schedule an appointment.

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Enjuris is a collection of resources to help people at a tough time in their lives: after an accident. It is a place for people to share their stories, download helpful guides and find the right lawyer specializing in personal injury law.

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Board Certified, Criminal Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization (2009-2021), AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell (2015), and listed as a Best Lawyer in America (2015-2022)
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