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Welcome to the Neal Davis criminal defense library. Below you will find valuable information organized by category. Start by clicking on an article that interests you. You will then be taken to a page written by us on that topic. If you require more information on your specific case, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We will continue to build this resource in the months ahead by linking to informative and insightful content about criminal law and its practice, so be sure to come back and visit us soon.

Exonerations By State (Report): Statistics on Wrongful Convictions in the United States

Exonerations rise nationally as falsely convicted Americans get justice.

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U.S. Human Trafficking Statistics & Laws by State

This comprehensive report examines hard facts and data surrounding human trafficking and exploitation.

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Federal Crimes: Federal Vs. State Offenses

In the United States, some crimes are federal crimes, while others are state crimes. It's important to know the difference between federal versus state offenses.



What Are Continuous Family Violence Laws in Texas?

Definition, penalties and possible defenses for continuous family violence charges in Texas.

Types of Domestic Violence in Texas

Various types of domestic violence yield various kinds of punishments. Learn how Texas views each crime and punishes offenders accordingly.

How Texas Crime of Passion Laws Can Affect a Murder Case

Learn about how crimes involving “sudden passion” are handled in Texas... when a crime was committed in the heat of the moment, and didn’t plan to commit the crime.

How to Beat an Assault Charge in Texas

Have you or a loved one been charged with assault in Texas? An assault in Texas doesn’t necessarily mean there was physical contact.

When is Self Defense Justified in Texas?

When is self-defense justified in Texas? Have you or a family member been accused of assault when it was more a case of self-defense? If so, you need answers.



Texas' New Nondisclosure Statute

When a case has resulted in a deferred adjudication or probation, it may qualify for nondisclosure. An order of nondisclosure is issued by a court and prohibits criminal justice agencies from disclosing to the public any criminal history record information related to the offense. Therefore, the records are sealed and the public cannot view them.

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