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Assault and Domestic Violence

Being charged with assault can seriously impact your life. Aside from the possibility of going to jail, a misdemeanor or felony assault conviction can affect your professional license, livelihood, immigration status, and relationships. Given the number of recent high-profile domestic violence cases, prosecutors are aggressive in these cases and do not dismiss them unless a defense attorney convinces them the case cannot be proven. Even if the complainant does not want to pursue charges, the prosecution will still proceed. THE PROSECUTION WILL NOT DISMISS CHARGES JUST BECAUSE THE COMPLAINANT DOES NOT WANT TO GO FORWARD.

Assault and domestic violence cases require an attorney who knows how to investigate allegations thoroughly and cast doubt on the complainant’s credibility.

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Felony case dismissed!

"In March of 2016 I was charged with a felony. However, Neal and Ty were able to sift through the “reported” facts and produce the real facts. As a result, my case was completely dismissed by a grand jury. Neal and Ty really know what they’re doing, and are passionate about their work. In my case, they aggressively went after the truth, and earned every penny. Anytime I had a question, I never felt uneasy about calling or texting Neal, Ty, or their staff. They made me feel like I was part of the team, which helped me cope with the stress of a felony charge. That charge could have ruined my life. My gun rights and my voting rights could have been taken away. Not to mention, my ability to find work could have been severely hampered. To Neal, Ty, and their staff, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

 |  Dismissed assault case

We believe that everyone has the right to discretion and an expert defense, and we regularly handle these cases. Here are some examples:

  • CASE DISMISSED for the owner of an insurance company charged with felony assault (impeding breath) of a family member
  • CASE DISMISSED for the owner of a physical therapy clinic charged with felony assault (impeding breath) of a family member
  • CASE DISMISSED for an IT professional charged with felony assault (impeding breath) of a family member
  • CASE DISMISSED for an attorney charged with assault of a family member
  • CASE DISMISSED for a small business owner charged with assault of a family member and interfering with a 911 call

Want to know more? See our E-book on family violence, or contact us to discuss your case.

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