Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, chances are you need one quickly. However, hiring an inexperienced lawyer can be the biggest mistake of your life.

During the initial consultation, be sure to ask questions about the attorney's background and experience, how they will assess and manage your case, and how much their services cost.

Continue reading for answers to these questions and more from the Neal Davis Law Firm.

Types of Cases & Experience

What types of cases does your firm handle?

We handle all types of State and federal charges in courts across Texas and the United States.

Does your firm specialize in any types of cases?

We don't specialize in any particular kind of case, although we mostly handle drug offenses, sex offenses, computer crimes, intoxication offenses, assaults and homicides, fraud and thefts, and white-collar crimes such as government fraud or securities fraud. In white-collar cases, we have represented both businesses and individuals in State and federal courts.

What types of cases has your firm tried?

We've tried all types of cases, from simple State misdemeanors such as DWI or assault, to State felonies such as sex or drug offenses, aggravated assault, theft, fraud, or homicides, to federal white-collar offenses such as health care fraud.

Does your firm handle appeals and writs?

Yes, we regularly handle appeals and writs. We've successfully obtained reversals on convictions in federal and State courts, including a high-profile murder case. We are among a very small percentage of lawyers who have appeared before the United States Supreme Court.

How much experience does your firm have in handling criminal cases?

We've handled criminal cases for over 20 years.

How much of your practice is devoted to criminal law?

Our practice is devoted almost entirely to criminal law. We handle a few select civil cases, usually when there is a criminal component. Occasionally, we pursue or package prosecutions on behalf of individuals or business entities (e.g., for a large company whose employee has embezzled a large sum of money).

What is your background in criminal law?

We have always practiced criminal law, nothing else. Before opening his law firm, Neal Davis worked as a lawyer for over a decade with Texas criminal defense legend Dick DeGuerin.

What distinguishes your firm?

Why should I hire your firm?

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of success: ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for your case. We believe everyone is entitled to respect, discretion, and an expert defense.

We'll handle your case with the greatest of care and personal attention, working diligently to protect your freedom and reputation. If we can obtain a successful outcome before going to trial, we will, without premature bargaining or compromise. Where possible, we seek a dismissal, often by giving the prosecutor no other choice. When a case does go to trial, we'll fight for you every step of the way, drawing on winning strategies from over 20 years of trial experience.

What makes your firm different?

Our qualifications, record of success, and level of client service distinguish us. While we've been consistently recognized as an aggressive and highly experienced criminal law firm with a proven track record of winning results, we're most honored by what our clients have written about us-that we're accessible, that we genuinely care about them, that we treat their case with the utmost importance, that we go beyond the call of duty and fight tirelessly to win the best outcome.

What makes your firm successful?

The key to our success is communication: with prosecutors, judges, and juries. We've earned the respect of prosecutors and judges for zealously representing our clients, often obtaining a favorable resolution without the need for a trial. We work hard to present your defense in a way that prosecutors find compelling and that any jury can understand. We want them to understand you and your situation, and to give you the benefit of doubt.


What do your clients say about you?

We're particularly proud of what our clients have written about us: that we're attentive, compassionate, and hard-working; that we act with integrity and maintain open, truthful communications; that we're knowledgeable and dogged in pursuing the very best possible outcome for them. To read more about our clients' experiences, visit Reviews of the Neal Davis Law Firm.


What does your firm charge to handle cases?

The truth is it depends. Many factors-such as the number of complainants or the complexity of the investigation-can affect our total cost of taking a case a trial. We understand that no one saves up for this unexpected expense, and we work hard to make sure our fees are reasonable based on the specifics of your case, our level of service, and our qualifications and experience.

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Additional Information

How can I learn more about you?

You can find more information about our qualifications and experience in the About section of our website. There you will also find short videos in which we explain our philosophy and approach, as well as testimonials from clients.

The Expertise section of our website addresses specific kinds of offenses, including links to e-books and additional videos related to those offenses.

In our Knowledge Center section, you will find the complete library of our videos as well as e-books we've developed on various types of charges, which address our clients' most common questions.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is to complete the contact form on our website, and we will get back to you quickly.

Awards & Recognitions

Are members of your firm Board Certified in Criminal Law?

Yes, Neal Davis has been Board Certified in Criminal Law (Texas Board of Legal Specialization) since 2009. Texas has over 70,000 licensed attorneys, but only around 800 (less than 2%) are Board Certified in Criminal Law.

How do other attorneys and judges rate your firm?

Two of the most respected sources of peer-reviewed ratings in the legal profession are Martindale Hubbell and Best Lawyers in America . We have been awarded the highest rating (AV) from Martindale Hubbell (2015). We have also been recognized as Best Lawyers (2015-2022) and a Best Law Firm by Best Lawyers in America (2017-2019).

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