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Intoxication offenses

Intoxication offenses

Facing intoxication charges is distressing, and a conviction can have a lasting impact on your ability to drive, work, and hold professional licenses. Powerful lobby groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving encourage a zero-tolerance attitude toward all intoxication offenses.

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My charges were dismissed and my professional license is intact

"I am a professional who hired Neal in connection with criminal charges that were brought against me. Because I have a professional license that could be affected by the conviction, my inclination was to accept the plea offer from the District Attorney's office. Neal and his legal team advised me that while the decision was ultimately mine, they recommended I reject the plea offer and take the matter to trial. I agreed to do so. The case went to trial. Because of Neal's legal briefing and his team's flawless assault on the prosecution's case, the case was summarily dismissed by the judge at the close of the prosecution's case. In short, Neal and his team did such an incredible job on destroying the prosecution's case during its case-in-chief that I never had to put on a defense. The charges were dismissed, my professional license is intact, and because Neal insisted on prevailing on the merits, I was able to have my record expunged.""

 |  Client's DWI Case dismissed during trial

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