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Almost nothing is more terrifying and stressful than being charged with a felony homicide.  Consequences for being convicted of this kind of offense—including murder, manslaughter, and reckless manslaughter—can be severe, including life in prison or even capital punishment (the death penalty). Texas is one of the worst places in the United States to face homicide charges, since it is known throughout the country for its harsh sentences for people convicted of these crimes.

Finding a criminal defense team with the expertise needed to position a homicide case for success is critical. An attorney must understand the specific evidentiary rules that apply and keep abreast of complex, changing case law in order to know how to properly investigate and prepare the defense strategy.

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If you are facing any serious charges, Neal is YOUR go to man!

"When my world got turned upside down I needed the best Criminal Attorney in town. I was facing false MURDER accusations and convicted by the media, "Neal was the go to man." Neal and his team reviewed my case and immediately found discrepancies. He saw issues that I, myself, had questioned; I knew I was in good hands. Neal was very professional, attentive, and straightforward. He went above and beyond to prove my innocence and never gave me any false hope. After almost two years, Neal's efforts resulted in a dismissal. If you are facing any serious charges, Neal is YOUR go to man!"

 |  Client was falsely accused of murder and in search of a Criminal Attorney

At the Neal Davis Law Firm, we have achieved favorable results in a variety of complicated homicide cases. We are experts in asking the right questions, uncovering all the relevant evidence, and building the best strategy for every case. Our record of charges declined, even in difficult cases, ranks us among the top criminal defense teams in Texas. Here are some examples:

  • Charge DISMISSED in high-profile murder case
  • CHARGES NOT FILED in double homicide investigation
  • NO BILL (grand jury refused to indict) for a hotel owner charged with murder after shooting an intruder
  • NO BILLS in multiple intoxication manslaughter cases
  • NOT GUILTY for a retiree charged with attempted murder after shooting in self-defense
  • PROBATION for young professional charged with intoxication manslaughter
  • DEFERRED ADJUDICATION for a pre-med student charged with negligent homicide (street racing)
  • DEFERRED ADJUDICATION for a salesman charged with reckless manslaughter (intoxication involved)

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